The Pros of Pet Euthanasia

Pet euthanasia is a medical procedure to end an animal’s life with medication. Euthanasia is an alternative to natural death, which can sometimes be a long, painful process, especially if the pet is ill and suffering. Those who opt to euthanise their pets choose to do so because it provides a swift and painless death for their pet.Pets are not just domesticated animals we keep at home for our entertainment. They are in many respects considered to be part of the family or our best friends, therefore pet owners will go to great lengths to make sure they afford their pets the best care. Because our pets hold a special place in our hearts, putting them to sleep can be one of the most difficult decisions to make.

There are two opposing views to euthanasia, while one camp feels it is better to euthanise their pet rather than prolong their suffering,the other camp believes it is an unethical practice and that pets should be allowed to have a natural death. Losing your pet can be hard to bear and it can be even more upsetting if they die alone, not having you by their side to say goodbye or comfort them. Sometimes The Kindest Goodbye is to decide to put your pet to sleep. It can help you say goodbye to your pet on your terms because with euthanasia you can decide when and where to put your pet to sleep. You can make sure your pet dies comfortably with no pain, with you by their side.

Say goodbye on your terms:with euthanasia, you can make a decision about when and where your pet dies. It allows you to prepare yourself and to gather everyone else who is part of the pet’s life to say their goodbyes and give everyone the closure they need. It is difficult to predict when your pet who may be suffering from an illness will die and most owners would like to be by their pet’s side when it is time for them to go. A planned goodbye instead of a sudden death always helps the pet owner come to terms with their pet’s death and helps them with their grieving.

Avoid unnecessary suffering:because pets live much shorter lives than humans you will see your pet through all its life stages and as it becomes ill towards the end of its life. Most pets will become ill regularly as they age and will have difficulty with various physiological functions like bowel movements, and walking and start to experience constant pain. By choosing to put them to sleep before they get much worse and live every day with pain and discomfort, you will be relieving your pet of unnecessary suffering.

Save on unaffordable medical bills: looking after your terminally ill pet or ageing pet can cost you quite a bit of money. Euthanasia can help end your pet’s suffering and save you medical expenses you can’t afford.