How to Take Care of Your Horse?

Racehorses have been a steady source of entertainment to humans for many years, possibly hundreds. Many people work in this industry where they are actively involved in preparing horses for successful careers. One of the most important parts of their jobs would be to ensure that the horses are prepared well for a race, and that they are tended to very well after the race is over. Here are some of the ways in which they do this.

What Happens Before the Race?

A horse trainer is the occupation title given to a professional who has been licensed by the state itself to train horses. There are several things that can be done to help the horse, like giving them ice and heat therapy. Horses also will thrive and perform well when given a daily routine and feeding schedule. Using horse toys can also help them stay active and relaxed. Just like in the case of athletes, the ice and heat therapy will help these horses get relief from any aches and pains that they may have.

For example, putting a horse‚Äôs legs in an ice bath on a daily basis will help relieve joint and ligament inflammation successfully. There are also infrared blankets that can support the horse by increasing its blood flow to the area that has become sore, and therefore, reducing aches. Infrared blankets can be known as aform of heat therapy trainers use to get rid of or reduce any soreness.

Why Is A Routine Needed?

Horses will benefit greatly when they are given some kind of daily routine. This means that they need to be exercised every single day. This will keep them ready for the next race when it comes around. Grooms are the professionals who take care of the horses and it is also part of their duty to feed the horses at the same time every day so that the routine is maintained.

What Happens After the Race?

Even though the race may have ended, the work of those that take care of the horses is not done. The groom must now look after the horse so that they can ensure that everything is normal. The horse must be healthy and safe as it was going into the race, when it comes out of it. They should have good health all around and they should also not have to face any injuries. Once the race has been completed the horse will be taken to the barn so that it can be cooled out.

This generally includes walking the horse until the heartbeat comes back to the normal rate. While this process is being carried out, the horse will also need to drink water. However, the horse must not be fed any hay or grain for a certain period of time after it has finished a race. If a horse eats hay too soon after a race, it could choke on it. If they are fed grain too soon, it could result in founder. In the case of founder, the hooves will turn incredibly hot and painful.