How to Achieve a Hamptons Style Kitchen Design?

There are so many different kitchen designs. When you select a design, you need to consider the overall interior design of the home and make sure the kitchen design complements it. You can use the same colour palette so that there is uniformity to the design so that you feel there is a flow throughout the home. In this article, we are looking at the Hamptons design elements and how you can incorporate it to your kitchen.

The Hamptons kitchen style is a classic design that is truly timeless and it can help you achieve a bright and airy look in your kitchen. It definitely has a touch of coastal design which is a big part of what creates the brightness in the design. It will bring to your mind the charm of beach houses and cottages in the Hamptons. This is a popular aesthetic that many kitchen renovation companies know how to achieve. You have to start with the colour palette. White is a predominant colour in the palette with touches of neutral colours like grey, beige, pale blue etc. These neutrals help create a calming impression. And these light colours reflect light beautifully further emphasising the brightness and airiness of the design. So even if you have a small kitchen, the colour palette will make it look more spacious.

A popular element of the Hamptons style is shaker style cabinets. These have a simple design to go with the simple colour palette and the material is generally wood. There will be recessed panels for the doors and you will not see any prominent hardware. Hinges, door handles, drawer knobs etc. are selected from minimalist designs so that they don’t draw the eye to one place. The colours for the cabinets echo the same light colour palette so that they match the colour scheme. There is an emphasis when it comes to natural materials. You will generally find natural wood, marble and stone in a Hampton style kitchen. You can use wood for the cabinets and the floor. Most times, the ceiling can be exposed with the ceiling beams in wood. The countertops and the backsplash can be made out of stone or marble.

Lighting is important for the proper functioning of a kitchen. But make sure you stick to elegant lighting solutions. If you have a dining table or kitchen island, you can have a pendant light or chandelier above it for light. And discreet strip lights can be hidden inside the overhead cupboards so that you have enough light falling on the countertops to work. There are certain elements that add visual interest to the design. This is generally achieved through texture. You can add shiplap walls or a beadboard backsplash to create a bit of drama but still have the features painted in light colour or white so that they don’t dominate the design. Open shelving is another popular element you will see in a Hampton style kitchen.  You can display glassware and dishes on the open shelves.