A Must-Read for All Doggy Lovers

There are a few essential facts you need to know if you are a Cynophile. A person who loves dogs or a doggy lover is called a cynophile. Intimate human to dog relationships has been recorded for a long past. However, unfortunately, some of these relationships did not have the best ending that they wished to have. For certain such reasons, these are a few facts that we need to know as doggy lovers.

Dogs do not have the same lifespan as we humans

You cannot expect your dog to stay with you all your life time. A dog who grew up with you as a kid may have to cross the rainbow bridge sometimes in your teenage years. Definitely it is a very hard moment which you may have to live with. Therefore, keeping them happy while they are with you is our best condolence.

A tired dog is often a happy dog

You may have thought tiring out your dog as something cruel. Yes, of course anything too much is definitely cruel, but generally a tired dog is said to be happy. As busy individuals, we are often unable to interact or exercise them ona daily basis.

This is not because we love them less. We Love Dogs doggy care organizationsare the best places to hand them over for their regular exercise. This physical exercise keeps them mentally and physically fit, thus it keeps them happy. This can also add a few more years to its lifespan.

Do not leave your dog alone for long periods of time

Just as you love your dog, they too can form deep and lasting bonds with you. They understand human love, which is why isolating your dog that is used to human companionship for long periods, can be very harmful.

We are sometimes forced to leave them when going out to work or places where you are not allowed to carry them. Dog care centres have once again stepped into providing them the best place to keep them happy in such cases. They are often run by people who has genuine care for dogs and who can understand them.

Dogs need to be regularly groomed and cared for

Some dog breeds require grooming more often while some do not. Trimming toenails, cleaning and brushing the coat free of mats, brushing up their teeth are some of these activities. Do you know that dogs appreciate everything that you do for them?

Though dogs do not respond to vocal tones, keywords or body language, it has proven that they understand subtle signals through watching human interactions. Researchers say dogs do respond to human tears, which is why they love to comfort you when you look sad or upset.

You and me, we all are cynophiles. So, let’s always keep our doggy companions happy, by playing with them, caring for them, showing them our love. They deserve it, they will in turn tell you many things you never knew.