A Heads-Up for All New Dog Owners

Owning a dog is probably one of the most enriching experiences. Movies such as Marley & Me or a Dog’s Purpose are proof of it. Kids who have grown up having pets are usually friendlier, relaxed and even in some cases immune to allergies as they have grown up with pets. It teaches kids and adults empathy, responsibility, what it is like to care for another life and more importantly what forgiveness is like, especially when you come home to torn shoes and wires.

However, owning a dog is no walk in the park, it is at least a 10-year commitment which is also a financial responsibility. Your dog’s health should be paramount along with their happiness. So, if you are still debating whether you think you are ready to own a dog there are somethings that maybe you should consider first before going all in.

Time and status

Yes, this may seem random but let us explain. Wherever you live owing a dog means you have to give them your time. Much like humans they too need reassurance and love in order to be happy. Are you a busy person with a tight schedule and travelling often? In this case you might want to reconsider what owning a dog will be like.

If you live with someone else who loves dogs then you can probably share responsibly. On the other hand, are there options to hire dog walkers, a relative or friend who can puppy sit for you are something to think about. If you have answered no to all or most of these getting a dog might not be a smart option for you as it can negatively impact you and the dog.

The right food and nutrition

Each dog breed requires a certain level of food and nutrition to ensure their health. Depending on the breed you get visit a vet so you will be able to discuss what to feed them and the type of vitamins they need. Pet food is always a go to. A dog treat pouch is perfect for both wet & dry treats as they are healthy, easy to store and ensure the right amount of nutrition.

You can also substitute the pet food for the occasional rice and meat just to change things up. Weight the dog every few months so you are sure they are healthy and not too over or under weight. A general check-up is also recommended every few months are this help diagnose any illnesses early especially as the dog gets older or you got it from someone else.

The reason for having a dog

People own dogs for various reasons. Some want them for safety, some as companions and others just to say they own one. Safety and companionship come hand in hand so as much as your dog will provide you with safety you have to ensure you love the dog the same way. It is after all a relationship for life