101 Reasons to Use Leather Collars for Your Dogs

One of the most commonly used and important accessories on a dog is a collar. Alongside making a fashion statement, it provides various benefits for every dog and its owner. While you can go about and simply choose any collar you want, it may not provide the best of purpose. Due to the availability of a variety of dog collar types, choosing the right one can be a challenging task.

There are many factors you need to consider as a dog owner when purchasing the right collar for your dog, one of which the type of material. Amongst materials like plastic, nylon, fabric, etc. leather collars are considered to be the best of its kind. Keep reading as we talk about the benefits of having your dog wear leather collars.

It’s highly durable

Dogs aren’t just your pets, they’re you’re best friend and family. Therefor when it comes to light and yet strong and durable, leather collars are the friendliest choice. They do not burden your dog by applying excessive weight on them nor do the leather collars wear and tear off easily. In comparison to other materials, leather collars are known to be considered as a long-term investment, making your payment for it a worthy one.

The healthy option

Having mentioned leather collars being lightweight, adds to the fact that it makes a healthy option alongside other reasons such as being made of quality and natural material and pliability. Many of the other materials aren’t as healthy as using leather one. And when it comes to providing your dog with collars, providing it with the best and healthiest option is crucial.

Waterproof quality

One of the other reasons as to why leather dog collars make for a great buy, is the fact that it is waterproof. Many dogs love their time in water and having a waterproof dog collar would save you from several troubles such as damages and troubles regarding putting it on and off. Taking the collars off could be risky especially if forgotten to be put back on. Therefore, having waterproof ones saves you from such troubles.

Minimal maintenance

Amongst many other accessories for your dog, leather collars require the least maintenance due to its strength and durability. Although the initial cost may be slightly pricier compared to the other types, it’s little to no maintenance aspect makes it totally worth it. A simple cleaning process is plenty to get the collar through days of good usage.

Provides comfort

The most important benefit of a leather collar is the fact that it provides your dog with a sense of proper comfort. Leather dog collars don’t cause soreness on the dog’s neck nor do they cause any kind of skin allergies or irritation. Even as dog owner, holding a leather leash doesn’t cause any kind of pain on your palms, especially when tugged around too much.

A few other benefits alongside the ones mentioned above are that leather collars have a good grip and provide a great sense of look and appearance to dogs.